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CSQ Techniques & Essay Writing Skills

Intensive Revision Programme & Skill Development Workshop @ SMU


The programmes at Economics Tuition Bishan provides the ultimate platform for students to hasten the process of comprehending abstract economics concepts and acquire crucial writing skills. Students will pick up skills and knowledge to combat both essay and case study questions. The classes are prepared by experienced economics tutors who have modified the content taught on a year to year basis. This ensures that students get the best education in economics that is available to JC students.


The Economics Tuition Programme that is provided by Economics Tuition Bishan comprises of many class activities that stimulate thinking and encourage active participation. Students will be engaged in classes by tutors that value two-way communication, promoting a constant dialogue for students to clear up any misconceptions they have on economics. Moreover, the skills that tutors impart to the students such as factor identification and analysis will be useful for them to interpret the economic conditions and impacts.

Comprehend the requirements of the A Level Economics examination

The A Level Economics Examination is an examination that is complex and students may find it difficult to grasp the rigour and requirements needed to excel in the examination. The tutors will base their teaching content on the latest A Level Economics syllabus and guide the students through the comprehension of concepts. The syllabus requires students to be assess for their economic knowledge through two components – essay writing and case study questions. Understanding what is required for each component will be key to students achieving their desired grades, and Economics Tuition Bishan has all the tools that the students need.

Undergo content enrichment

Students will have unprecedented access to premier economics content. They can use the content to enrich and accelerate their learning of economics. Tutors will discuss various economics issues with reference to real world example. Studies have shown that relating conceptual knowledge to real world examples results in greater absorption and retention of knowledge by students. As such, students at Economics Tuition Bishan have an added advantage over other students.

Nurture reflective thinking

A modern student requires a critical mind to succeed in today’s examinations. Students at Economics Tuition Bishan are not only taught how to interpret economic data, but will also be nurtured to think reflectively. They will learn how to analyse economic situations from multiple viewpoints and give a nuanced answer. The reflective thinking skills are essential for students to not only tackle the higher level questions, but are also a useful life skill that will translate to other facets of their life.

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Ready to embark on this meaningful and productive learning journey with Economics Tuition Bishan. Please feel free to call Simon at 9689 0510 if you need more clarification about our tuition programmes for Economics.


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